Thursday, 2 March 2017

Diary of an avid reader,

Good morning/evening sweet friends.

I love to post occasionally on books and reading. It's such an interesting topic for me to talk or write about. I hope some of you guys share the same interest as me. If so, comment me on that below. The more reading buddies I make, the happier I get.

I'll get straight to the chase, how do you overcome an obsession? anyway but an easy way huh?
Well, I'm asking because I've recently been obsessed with a couple of books called The Raven Cycle. It's nothing much; rich boys, magicians, and psychics. I mean how can you not get obsessed over psychics/ interacting with magicians/ interacting with teens?

I've been hearing a lot about The Raven Cycle, ever since they came out. But I kept a good job of turning the blind eye to anything related to it. Part of it, because I was waiting for the series to finish releasing. The other part, because I was waiting for the 'perfect' time to read it.
Eventually, I did wait for all the books to be released (the last one was published on Sep, 2016). But no, I've read it in the most un-perfect time at all.

I was going to Istanbul for the winter break and I wanted a light read for the plane ride. And thinking that my schedule would be so tight I wouldn't have time to finish reading the book, I only brought the first book, The Raven Boys.

I should take this opportunity to advise you people; always ALWAYS carry a book with you when you travel. It's a must. It'll get you through long waiting hours in the airport lounge and long flights. So you wouldn't go freaking out about finding a way to start a conversation with the person sitting next to you without sounding creeping.
Believe it or not, the airplane we got on had no in-flight entertainment system, way to go Saudi Airlines! I was quite relieved when I rested my head on the headrest and pulled the book from my bag.
Remember when I said I wouldn't have time to read? well here's the thing; I did. There's a Korean proverb that says: 'Where there's a will, There's a way'. (뜻이 있는 곳에 길이 있다). And that just explains it all.

So while everyone slept when we got back to the hotel dead tired at the end of the day, I would stay up reading in a very uncomfortable position under my phone's light.
 It was quite the struggle honestly because all I wanted to do on those cold snowy nights was being tucked in under the warm blanket.
Anyway, three days later I miraculously finished the first book. I spent the next three hours convincing myself to wait till I get back home -where my physical copy is- to read the next book in the series. Next thing I knew, I was downloading the ebook on my phone.

So I would read late at night, standing in the subway, queuing up for the long cashier line, on board on a ferry, and in long taxi rides. I usually hate eBooks but I admit it was convenient this time.
And just like that I got on to the third book, finished it on the flight back home. Once again no in-flight entertainment system, way to go Saudi Airlines!
I left my luggage getting dusted and didn't unpack them till a few days later because I was suspended in the world of Ravens.
Normal life got back to being normal -and a little bit empty- after I finished the series and was officially done with The Raven Cycle.

I'm sure fellow book nerds can relate to my experience, we get so sucked up in the book world that we forget how to do real life normally. But again that ability, to be sucked into a completely different world, is what keeps us reading.

In conclusion; here're my three tips for this diary entry:
1) If you're reading a series make sure; a. All books have been released. b. You have all the books within hand reach.
2) Pick up nonfictional books for your travels. You don't want the traveling experience to be less interesting than your book.
3) When you make reservations for your next travel; make sure the aircraft has an in-flight entertainment system. Not that I'd choose it over my books, but surprisingly the plain gets a lot quieter and more reader-friendly when everyone is glued to their screen.


Lastly, I just wanted to say that a review of The Raven Cycle series is coming to the blog. Wait for it! 

Have a nice, nerdy day~

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